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Sunshine Classics - Comes in 3 packs (6 titles & 1 CD-Rom per pack)

Sunshine Classics features all-time favourites written by Joy Cowley. The stories are written so that children can pick them up and say to themselves, "I can read this book." It is this sense of success that helps children develop the right attitudes to reading. They know they can do it and they want to do more of it. The words and sentences are simple, repetitive and predictable.

Set of 6
titles and 1 CD-Rom (Windows compatible only)



Set of 6
titles and 1 CD-Rom (Windows compatible only)


Set of 6
titles and 1 CD-Rom (Windows compatible only)



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The Joy Cowley Big Books are great. I use the software in my Prep/1 grade on my interactive whiteboard (I focus on one book per week) and the class follows up by completing the activities that match. I like how I can choose to have the auto read on or off to work through the text to model and share decoding and comprehension strategies. The children love the animations that follow. I have recommended this fantastic resource to colleagues at other schools in the area. I regard it that highly.
Lou Buxton, Herne Hill Primary School, VIC

We are thrilled with the IWB reading programme and it is assisting in the teaching and learning programmes that we run. The teachers who are using the Sunshine IWB books and the activities are enjoying it because it is giving them the opportunity to provide another effective group activity while they are doing their guided reading. They are also able to use the IWB during reading sessions and the Sunshine activities are so well organised that the students are using it independently. It is not only supporting teachers in their planning but students are enhancing their reading and writing skills at the same time. Thanks so much.
Angelique Wendzich, Lead Teacher, Junior School, Point View School, New Zealand

We have so much fun with Joy Cowley's Big Books on our interactive whiteboard "Betty". Yes, we have named our interactive whiteboard. The activities are used for one of my literacy activities during buddy reading. Such happy noises and "wow" are heard all the time. Everybody wants to do these activities. We have rewritten the stories with our own ideas. We love the patterns and we have illustrated them. We have made the noises, worked out the word patterns, sung related songs.
Julie Hurst, Reception/1/2 teacher, Glossop Primary School, SA

The students love seeing the books on the interactive whiteboard. We often use them during our literacy rotations, with the students working through them as a group.
Elly Patterson, Highland Reserve State School, QLD

Our school loves Joy Cowley Interactive!! It is a fantastic resource especially for our Special Education students. The print is big, and the students are able to listen to the story and work together to fill in the gaps and do various other activities. It is very student-friendly and easy to understand.
Cassie Bender, Learning Support Teacher, O'Connor Education Support Centre, WA

All the teachers I have spoken to in the junior team are really rapt with our purchase. For my class (Yr 2), I have found the Joy Cowley Big Books for Interactive Whiteboards software an excellent addition to my literacy program. I use it as a whole-class interactive lesson on the smart board, a tool for teaching a specific learning intention to a group and as an independent or buddy task on the class computers. I think one of the things the children enjoy is the way the software interacts with them, both visual and audio. It has promoted a lot of discussion between buddies working together as they discuss and problem solve. They effectively are teaching each other with the software as their scaffolding. Thanks from myself and the children.
Helen Taua, Team Leader, Yr 2, Henderson North Primary School, New Zealand

As we have a large number of ESL learners in our school who have limited language skills when they come to school, the Junior Primary teachers are using the new CDs to develop an understanding of what a word is, what a sentence is, to develop vocabulary and to develop fluency and comprehension. Some of our students have very limited English language environments at home and these CDs are a great tool to develop their general language skills as well as their reading skills.
Wendy Pezzaniti, Virginia Primary School, SA

The teachers have really enjoyed using the new software. It's been great to use such a familiar literacy resource in a new way. The students love seeing the books up on the interactive whiteboard, too. Having bought the multi-user licence, it's also great that we could put the software on our school intranet, enabling staff to access it immediately from their laptops to work with students.
Jodie Riek, Morayfield East State School, QLD

Our Junior School teachers have found the Joy Cowley Big Books for Interactive Whiteboards to be a valuable resource in our classrooms. The children love reading the stories on the IWB and enjoy the animated illustrations. We like to use the stories as an introduction to our literacy session, as all of the children can join in and read along.
Renee Balcke, Junior School Co-ordinator, Moorooduc Primary School, VIC

The Sunshine resources material we purchased are absolutely fantastic! The teachers and the children love them! They are a wonderful interactive resource!
Antoinette Giuffrida, Literacy Co-ordinator, Holy Rosary School, VIC

We purchased the interactive big books for our Junior Primary classes and they are having a fabulous time using them. They benefit students with learning needs as they are a great visual. The books allow the whole class to become involved and manipulate the texts.
Emma Heinrich, St Raphael's School Parkside, SA

I teach a year 1 class and we have used the Joy Cowley materials all this term. After focussing our literacy on Joy's books in Term 1, the children were eager to explore the software. They especially like the Get the Letters Game. I like it as we can consolidate left and right as they give me directions on the interactive whiteboard while I steer the character. The students also use the program first thing in the morning listening individually to stories and filling out four resource model questions. I have found the girls really like the story toolbox to create their own stories.
Tracey Bailey, Broadbeach State School, QLD